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Beautiful canvas and she's ruined it.

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If I had, I'd have thought they were lovely, and never imagined they were the "type" to go to lap dancing clubs.

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Save some for me and we'll take it later!

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My nerves were so shot, that I'd have run out at any second, if it hadn't been for a camaraderie with another woman waiting to audition.

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He's an accountant from Yorkshire, and as a dancer walks off stage he nods in her direction and says, "she's ruined her body with all those tattoos.

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I got drunk and started fingering myself on stage, then I sucked my fingers, and sprayed saliva at the punters sitting nearest.

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The lap dancing venues pictured are not necessarily those referred to in the feature.

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Beautiful canvas and she's ruined it.

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They'll be like this," she says, picking up a miniature light that looks like a candle, and waving it at my crotch.

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Some names have been changed.

Beautiful canvas and she's ruined it.

But if women Chubby girl lap dance working in lap dancing clubs for want of other options at a decent rate of pay, then we need to address the reasons for that, whether it's the gender pay gap, the glass ceiling, taking time out to have kids, finding jobs that fit in around caring for children or relatives tasks that tend to fall to womenor the social conditioning that ill-equips women to ask for pay raises, or apply for the top jobs.

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