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She had this amazing backyard, but it turned out that her backyard was a refuge not simply for endangered animals but for the very people and the very forces that were endangering them, not to mention land mines and bunkers left by the Khmer Rouge, which got its start in what is now Angelina's Jolie's backyard, and made its last stand there, Naked girl angelina image.

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It might also be the fantasy existence of celebrities privileged enough to live out their daydream of normalcy.

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A very beautiful woman who sees herself as the underdog becomes very famous.

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And yet her flesh — her golden, mortified flesh — is extraordinary:

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And it shines.

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And no celebrity plays a bigger role in that strange story than Angelina Jolie.

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She has a house in Cambodia, so that's where she — or, to be more precise, the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project — puts her Millennium Village.

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She's been getting thinner and thinner ever since her mother died.

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But she lived to see her grandchildren, lived to see both me and my brother in a nice place.

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Who but a crazy person decides to take care of a situation in her own backyard by expanding her sphere of influence from 39 hectares to 60, which comes to square miles?

She became the most famous woman in the world because despite her willingness to take on the world's suffering — no, precisely on account of her willingness to take on the world's suffering — people suspected that she was still crazy.

So that's my life.

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