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Helen of troy nude scenes watch online

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An enormous battle breaks out between the Greeks and Trojans, with the latter's army firing many arrows shots at the Greeks, wounding or killing many with some brief, bloody results.

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The casting directors of Troy have had a good look at those pictures.

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During this, Achilles kills many enemy soldiers, while we see a sword sliced down into a soldier's head and helmet with some bloody results.

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Menelaus then punches Paris who does the same back to him, resulting in both having bloody faces, with Menelaus spitting out some blood.

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Hector stabs a Greek soldier and runs his sword through him, killing him.

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More hand to hand combat occurs with many people being wounded or killed by various means, sometimes with bloody results.

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Achilles injures two men with bloody results.

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The huge man then jabs Hector with the handle end of a club, but Hector stabs and impales the man.

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So a movie such as Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, which has a dramatis personae that includes Helen, Paris, Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, Agamemnon and Menelaus, starts with a legend that is part of our shared, if now somewhat fraying, experience of Western culture.

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