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And Melissa said as soon as the training seat was cut off Tayla's head, allegedly leaving her with grazes, all the tot could say was 'thank you daddy'.

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How do we enforce social hierarchies by dividing the bodies of the powerful from the bodies of the oppressed?

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So the stay-at-home mother was forced to ask Niki, an escalator engineer, to use a saw to cut her free.

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So the stay-at-home mother was forced to ask Niki, an escalator engineer, to use a saw to cut her free.

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Melissa Askew, 31, Nude women doing potty, with her two-year-old daughter Tayla after she found the training seat had become jammed Husband Niki Bate had to saw at the pink plastic product to remove it from his daughter's neck pictured Melissa said Tayla became very upset and began crying uncontrollably when she realised the seat would not budge.

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For several hundred years, into the 18th century, English monarchs did their business in front of literal privy councils while enthroned upon an upholstered box containing a chamber pot.

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Melissa said:

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But after a few minutes when Melissa tried to pull the seat off Tayla's head, it wouldn't move past her ears.

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Melissa said:

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This must have happened before so I think something should be done about it.

Share this article Share But the incident on Sunday night happened when Melissa had bathed Tayla and left her in the bathroom while she quickly went to get clean pyjamas for the tot.

Though sit-down privies and latrines have existed at least since Egyptian antiquity, for almost all of history the vast majority of Homo sapiens defecated squatting, in the open.

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